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MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
Twente University
Enschede, The Netherlands


Book review ‘Vacuum Science and Technology’

Authors: Bert Suurmijer, Theo Mulder, Jan Verhoeven

Release date: February 2016

This book provides a clear, authoritative and comprehensive overview of vacuum with all its ins and outs. Besides a brief introduction into kinetic gas theory, the interaction of gases with solid surfaces and the flow of gases the authors extensively elaborate on a broad range of vacuum pumps and pressure gauges including their working principles. This is done in such an educative and natural way that the material is even accessible to laymen in vacuum science and technology. The reader can find detailed information on leak detection, residual gas analysis, sealing techniques as well as an in depth discussion on the suitability of various materials for vacuum related applications. The numerous illustrations, pictures, exercises and detailed descriptions make this book an indispensable and complete reference book for anyone who is actively engaged or interested in vacuum from the level of undergraduate student to engineer or scientist.

HJWZ 26-4-2017