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Portola Valley, California, USA
Formerly of Duniway Stockroom Corp, Data General, Benson-Varian, Varian


Book review ‘Vacuum Science and Technology’

Authors: Bert Suurmijer, Theo Mulder, Jan Verhoeven

Release date: February 2016

Thank you for providing this book for my examination and reference. I am honored to be asked to review it. After reviewing the book my conclusion is that it is an excellent addition to the field of vacuum science and technology. It is comprehensive and well connected. It is a useful addition to the library of professors, scientists, engineers and students of vacuum technology.
Based on my experiences over fifty years as a scientist, researcher and developer, manufacturer and marketer in the industry of vacuum science, I wholeheartedly endorse this book. It is a seminal work in the field.

SR 09-07-2017